Friday, September 9, 2011

Eye of the Desert

I am Hagar, mother of Ishmael, firstborn son of his father Abraham. We walk by ourselves in the desert without our people. Sometimes we get a bag of water at a tent of sympathetic nomads. Most of the time we walk alone.

At night, I stay awake. I watch over my tent while the little boy sleeps. I prepare slowly but surely for the end of recorded time. That is the day when the machines of the future will stand still, the tick-tocking counters not comprehending one another: the day when structures will disintegrate within themselves, vehicles snorting secretly as they come to a standstill in the middle of the road; the day when iron camels will glare sullenly as they shuffle past one another, grunting and shoving their way into the abyss, where to, nobody exactly knows.

That day shall come, it is near. It is a day of certainty, and I shall master that day on my knees with this work that I do here in the cold sand in the night. I call that holy day the day of the Lord, the day of his impatience. I seek that day with all my heart, in the sorrow of my soul.

I am not afraid of that day. I shall look it in the eye, I shall know it when I see it, and I shall be informed of its arrival. My heart leaps in my breast with joy when I see the day, because it is the great day of Armageddon, the end of the evils of all times, the day of the end of the order of humans and the beginning of the Order of the Divine.

Heavenly day, may you come on the north wind, and may I see you so that I never, ever have to think of our untimely demise again!

I must stay calm, wide awake, wide open, fearless and stern in my appointed task.

At the moment that I see in the future, there are all kinds of illnesses doing the rounds in the food chain. It is one of the many signs of the times. Frightening amounts of food are being recalled. Twenty millions’ worth, just in one day.

On what must the poor subsist when the frightened fat ones discard so much meat? I know that if I pray over the meat, it is safe to eat.

“Speak ye the Name of the Lord, and eat” - so the prophet shall decree, and what is good enough for the prophet, is always good enough for me.

At the end of the times, nine out of ten of the earth’s seeds are controlled by one entity, and it is named after the adversary of the Lord, they call themselves by the name, My Satan. They make a fish into a fruit, in this future that I see: they violate the copyrights of the Lord Almighty God. Such a thing is an abomination in the eye of the Creator.

I, Hagar, would rather crunch stones with my teeth before eating such things. The Lord our God can cause fruit juice to trickle from a rock if He pleases to do so, but the hand of man must not mock the hand of the Creator.

Every day I pack our food for the road, just in case. I make my preparations with fear and trembling, not because I do not trust in the Lord my God, but because of the track record of mankind. What do I have to fear from this day? I have done no wrong by the Lord. I have not resisted his will. I have not turned to idols before his Countenance, nor did I elevate any concept of human government, independence or self-government above his holy Name. Nothing in heaven or earth did I love more than the Lord my God, for He is the one who gave me Ishmael, and Ishmael is my all, my everything.


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