Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ketchup for Armageddon - the novel: Afrikaans version

The author has offers from publishers in South Africa for the Afrikaans and English language versions of the novel Ketchup for Armageddon - Ketsjap vir Armageddon and is looking to have the screenplay version optioned. A strategic alliance has been formed between Cordis Trust Publications, Kreativ and Viva Interactive to enable international distribution of the book in 2 languages simultaneously.

There is considerable interest in the book within South Africa, due to the fact that it is the author's first novel - known for her poetry as the youngest published Arikaans poet in the history of South African literature, the novel and screenplay are new media for her. The author translates her own works and also writes her own screenplays without assistance from any established screenplay writers.


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