Sunday, June 19, 2011


The project is an original story about a time line disruption caused by a spaceship from the future, transporting the Biblical character Hagar and her son Ishmael from the ancient world to a 20th century setting at the end of the century, circa 1999. It starts out as a "swords and sandals" epic and yet we find ourselves in outer space in the course of it. The paranoia surrounding the "millennium bug" is revisited in the playfully apocalyptic atmosphere of the film. Hagar's experiences on her journey are both tragicomical and extremely frightening, especially for a character from the ancient world who confronts the contemporary social system and the "nanny state" in particular, with a mixture of horror and disgust.

The story has political ramifications in that it explores Hagar's religious sensibilities and the cultural conflict that is seen as her legacy by generations of her angry descendants. The fast-moving and entertaining plot sweeps us through several centuries of human history due to the continued efforts of the spaceship to restore the time line and return Hagar to the ancient world. She is ultimately afforded refuge from the ravages of time on the spaceship that caused the time anomaly in the first place, because it is found to be impossible to return her to the ancient world due to the imprints made upon her psyche by her 20th century experiences. She can only exist in the future - the past and the present are unfit for her, due to the trauma she goes through.

Her devotion to Ishmael is a leitmotiv as she enlists the help of the spaceship Captain in saving her and her child from the perils facing them in the 20th century setting, which turn out to be far worse than anything they ever encountered in the desert. It has a happy ending, which probably places it in the category of utopian rather than dystopian science fiction. While it is a fast-paced and entertaining story, the narrative raises issues of faith and politics in an engaging way. It really makes you think about the sources of conflict and war in human history, whether you want to think about these issues or not.

The story is also a romance. The intensity of the love between Hagar and Abraham is the source of the historic conflict that causes her compelling journey through time and space. Because he is her soul mate, it is her destiny to be reunited with him in the course of time, and her entire journey through many lifetimes of trial and tribulation is ultimately about that quest. Theological and philosophical themes such as reincarnation and the master-slave relationship in a sexual context, are among the interesting concepts raised by this historic romance with an interesting science fiction twist.

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